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Christopher Bell Autographed 2021 Rheem / Daytona Road Course Race Win 2/21 1:24

by Action
Production Qty: 288

This is a Factory Autographed diecast which means the signature will likely be in Silver Sharpie unless otherwise specified.

With Factory Autographed diecast sometimes the color of the signature can be a variety of colors, but we do not know until the item is in our hands if it has been signed in a different color. This is something that is completely out of our control. Windshields are sent with silver paint pens from Lionel but sometimes drivers will use other pens during the signing process.

Q: What does Factory Autograph mean?

A: We call any autographed diecast that is delivered to us by Lionel a "Factory Autograph". The way this process works is we let Lionel know we are interested in getting diecast signed by a particular driver. Once we let them know they send the driver a case of windshields to the driver for them to sign. Once the driver signs them, they are sent back to Lionel, and they send them to the factory in Hong Kong to get installed into the diecast.

*If we receive a diecast in that was supposed to be Factory Autographed, we will ALWAYS get that signed in the expected Silver Sharpie unless otherwise noted.*

* Officially Licensed NASCAR Product
* Action Racing Collectables
* Diecast Body and Plastic Chassis
* Limited Edition
* Opening Hood
* Opening Roof Flaps
* Manufacturer Specific Body