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Meet Chris

Meet Chris, the passionate founder of Happy Hour Racing. From a young age, Chris was captivated by the thrilling world of NASCAR, cheering on his all-time favorite driver, Tony Stewart. His love for the sport began in the stands of iconic tracks like Bristol and Dover, where he felt the roar of engines echo through the grandstands.

Raised on the exhilarating finishes and the community spirit of NASCAR, Chris's enthusiasm only grew as he collected memorabilia—from diecast models to hats and jackets, each piece holding a story of speed and victory. His deep-rooted connection to racing also drew him to the local tracks in Stafford, Connecticut, where he became a regular fixture, absorbing every drop of racing knowledge and camaraderie.

With Happy Hour Racing, Chris brings his lifelong passion to the forefront, offering fellow enthusiasts a place to celebrate the sport’s rich history and exciting present. Join Chris and the Happy Hour Racing team for an experience fueled by genuine love for the race and the community that surrounds it.